Hi! Krista here, Motion Designer based in The Hague.
For the past 8 years I have been working in the field of motion graphics, which includes visual effects (VFX), info-graphic storytelling, character animation and project management. Lately I am also focusing on projects that are more visually abstract by letting the motion do the talking.
What I do
I'm happy to start a project from scratch, going on the brainstorm-path together. But I can also jump right into the animation phase in case you already have a script and illustrations ready-to-go. I am very open to wild ideas, so if you're curious if your wild idea is possible, let me know and I'll start the process.

Where I am
Stop by for a coffee at my studio which is based in a fabulous place called de Besturing, or just send an email and we will go from there!

STUDIO:   Saturnusstraat 91, Den Haag
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